Top 10 Things to Know About the Day of the Dead

Top 10 Things to Know About the Day of the Dead We’ve all heard about the Day of the Dead or seen the classic sugar skull paintings—but what does this celebration really represent? VIEW IMAGES Over 500 woman gathered in Mexico City on November 1, 2014, to set a Guiness World Record for the largest […]

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10 Times That History Was NSFW

History is vulgar, violent, obscene, perverted, and decadent. However, we usually only get presented with a watered-down version that leaves out all the salacious bits. This is an unabridged look at 10 occasions throughout history when things got decidedly NSFW (“not safe for work”). 10American Diplomat Took A Prostitute To Meet The Queen Of England […]

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Best Places to Travel in 2016

 Places to Travel in 2016 Sean Pavone Photo 50. Mie Prefecture, Japan 1 of 51 Intriguing developments are under way in Mie Prefecture, a four-hour ride from Tokyo on the bullet train, which until now had mostly lured domestic travelers. The area’s draws: the Ise-Shima National Park, on the coastline; the pearl-producing oysters; the richly […]

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Best in Travel 2017

Lonely Planet’s experts select the most amazing places to go and things to do in the year ahead. GO TO STORE Travel trends for 2017 Micro-distilleries Houses of the spirits Over rosé? Bored by craft beer? There’s no need for sippers to stress. The latest craze is to sample spirits produced with locally sourced ingredients […]

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1. REYKJAVÍK, ICELAND Increasing numbers of tourists are heading to Reykjavík for the city’s arts scene, cool nightlife and the slew of natural wonders that lie right on its doorstep. Amid the colourful scattering of toy-like, painted houses you can gorge on the freshest fish, head out on a famously messy rúntur (round tour) – […]

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